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Attack of the Toy Planes

Your Mission: Win the Battle.

Attack of the Toy Planes brings you back to a simple time, a time when all that was on your mind was playing with your toys. This piece tells the story of two children playing with their toy airplanes in an intense mock-battle. Attack sets up a constantly driving groove with persistent eighth notes and changing time signatures. The battle starts off in a lighthearted way, but as the music unfolds, it delves deeper into the children's imaginations, creating lifelike scenes of the air battle swiring around them - the planes flying above and the soldiers battling on the ground. Amidst the turmoil of the ending, all the brass falls out except the french horns, as they let out one last battle cry before they are ultimately silenced.


Originally written for Mary Hulliberger and Walled Lake Northern's Wind Ensemble, this piece has been reimagined in a performance by the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band to celebrate Black History Month.

Walk on Water opb. Thirty Seconds to Mars

Performance by The Michigan State University Accafellas

New York From a Distance - Third Movement

New York From a Distance is a three movement work written for Robert Green and Lakeland High School's Wind Ensemble. This piece is inspired by the different areas of New York. The first movement, Brooklyn, is a calm chamber work featuring two solo flutes, a solo trumpet, and a solo clarinet. This movement portrays a calm, serene night  on the Brooklyn Bridge. The second movement is named Times Square; this movement is very busy. The staggered entrances on the melody illustrate the different crowds of people walking around in different directions. The third and final movement is called Manhattan, this movement features a soprano saxophone solo and a harmon mute trumpet solo. Although this movement lightly incorporates seventh and ninth chords, Manhattan embodies the jazz influence in New York.


Recording by The Michigan State University Wind Symphony. Daniel Kirk, conductor.

Optimistic opb. Sounds of Blackness

Performance by Crosby High School Choirs

Video by Coty Raven Morris

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