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Redline Indoor Percussion 2021 Season

Redline Percussion invited me onto the staff as their vocal designer to enhance their 2021 show, Dreamland. This short film, along with the music, was inspired by Glass Animals.

A Killer Party: A Virtual Musical

During my student teaching internship, I took on the role of the sound engineer for a virtual musical at Grand Ledge High School. Not only did I record the students in a recording studio I created in the practice rooms, I also edited, mixed and mastered the audio.

Walled Lake Northern Percussion Features

Since COVID-19 shut down most in person activities for many students, my percussion students at Walled Lake Northern were not able to do their annual featured performance at the homecoming assembly. Instead of cancelling the performance, we brought the students together to record their features as video performances for the school to watch. 

Run Boy Run: Walled Lake Northern Drumline

Don't Start Now: Walled Lake Northern Front Ensemble

What I Like About You: Walled Lake Northern Percussion Ensemble

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